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Nightmare Nursery
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Nightmare Nursery hacked

CHEAT INFO:Money Hacked
I told a witch she should smile more - so she cursed me! Now any plant I grow in my nursery turns EVIL!!!
Evil plants don’t sell well, their price falls rapidly. But if I can sell them quickly after they turn, then I can still make a nice PROFIT!!!
This game is basically a thinly-veiled investment management simulator - it's your job to watch over your asset portfolio and adjust it dynamically to have the highest return on investment as possible.
The colours of the seed packets represent the different tiers of plants - the higher the tier, the more expensive, but the faster they earn you money. Tiers go from grey being the lowest to brown to green to blue to yellow to orange with red being the highest.
Two seeds from the same tier will earn money at the same rate, but will be worth different amounts to buy - if for instance there's two blue seed packets, always try to buy the cheaper of the two.
Ideally you want your 'Board Total' to be as high as possible, that way your 'Income Rate' will be as high as possible and you will progress faster!
If you've got lots of spare Yen and no pots to put new plants in, sell some of your cheaper plants to make room for more expensive ones, don't just wait for them to turn evil before selling - You've got to spend money to make money!
If you can't quite afford a really good high-tier seed packet, try selling some of your cheaper plants - that way you're trading in poor-performing plants for better ones without taking up more space.
Always look for ways to be optimising your set of plants! Look out for cheaper versions of seeds to swap out with your existing ones, keep on the lookout for replacements for plants that have nearly matured, make sure you're not sitting on a load of Yen that's not invested and making you money.
Money Hacked