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Super Idle Master
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Super Idle Master hacked

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The Dogge King is calling to you ... calling ... woof ... WOOF ... WOOOOOOOF! You must answer the call of the Dogge if u r to ever have peace within your life. Answer it with the click of a mouse... click... CLICK... CLICCCCKKKK and repeat about 1.2 million more times. Yes, you guessed it, this is a clicking idle game. The type of game that may very well cause serious damage to your mouse and also to your hand. Please note, take breaks between clicking, else your hand may fall off.

To the game - the Dogge King needs your help - he is woofing like there is no tomorrow. You must idle and click your way to him and help him out of the current trouble he finds himself in. Apparantly there are a group of cats meowing outside his window at night... this is terrible stuff, you must fix the cat problem before Dogge goes nuts.

If you think you can handle it, begin this idling game... you will need to upgrade a lot and clicking is pretty much necessary if u want to get anywhere fast. Click, click... click!

Use the Mouse to play.
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