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Space Prison Escape
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Space Prison Escape hacked

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In space, many aggressive races have appeared that do not obey any established intergalactic laws. Pirates seize ships and demand a ransom for the crew. Our heroes piloted the ships, heading to the planet, where the colonists from the Earth settled were crafted by pirates. The ship was taken away, and the astronauts were locked up in prison. But they are not going to wait for help from the outside, a couple of heroes decided to escape by any means and you will help them in Space Prison Escape. You should collect the keys and diamonds which are stolen from the earth by the aliens by avoiding traps and enemies in the space shuttle. If you can pass twenty room by this way, you can go back to the world.


Player 1: W,A,S,D and F (Besides, you can jump double and you can hang on the walls)
Player 2: ARROW KEYS and K,L
Imune hacked