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Idle Recruit
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Idle Recruit hacked

CHEAT INFO:Money hacked
Put your recruits to work as you just sit there and watch, literally doing nothing… or you can use your profits to research more recruits, so that you can still sit there and watch and literally do nothing, the only difference is that the view atop your glorious amount of cash is making it hard to see, so you decide to use your profits to research more recruits, making your mound of cash shrink, only to find yourself climb back up faster than before, repeating this cycle until you break out of Earth’s atmosphere, where you then find yourself floating aimlessly through space, contemplating the meaning of life.
P.S. For Firefox users, if you experience some lag, it might be due to some saving issues. Please right click the game, and set the storage to 10MB or higher!


Interact with Mouse, Mouse Wheel Support

Keyboard Hotkeys:

1-9 – Interact with Recruit (Buy, Reveal, Rank Up)
Ctrl – Focus/Unfocus Input Field
Enter – Submit/Next
Up/Down – Prev/Next Page
Left/Right – Prev/Next Category
Tab – Next Tab
Shift + Tab – Prev Tab
Esc – Close Popup
R – Recruits Tab
U – Upgrades Tab
H – Hats Tab
M – Medals Tab
S – Stats Tab
Z – Change Buying Interval
X – Change Hint Interval
K – Show/hide Hotkeys
N – Show/hide News
C – Show/hide Credits
Money hacked
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