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Clicker Heroes gold
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Clicker Heroes gold hacked

CHEAT INFO:Gold hacked.
Version 0.02 Release Notes

Added import/export functionality in the Settings menu. This allows you move your game between machines, or save your game and reload it, or pirate someone else's game... ?_?
New Click upgrades on several of the heroes, mostly to destroy your mouse.
Amenhotep no longer does 1 damage, that was just stupid. His damage is now far more befitting of a God.
Amenhotep can now destroy the universe, creating new ones with hidden bonuses.
Four new heroes after Amenhotep. They aren't cheap.
Updated Abaddon's text to reflect how he actually works.
Lots of rebalancing. Your DPS may have changed.
Probably heaps of new bugs to discover.
Better stuff coming soon.

Legend of Large Numbers

1K = 1,000 = One Thousand
1M = 1,000K = One Million
1B = 1,000M = One Billion
1T = 1,000B = One Trillion
1q = 1,000T = One Quadrillion
1Q = 1,000q = One Quintillion
1s = 1,000Q = One Sextillion
1S = 1,000s = One Septillion
1O = 1,000S = One Octillion
1N = 1,000O = One Nonillion
1d = 1,000N = One Decillion
1U = 1,000d = One Undecillion
1D = 1,000U = One Duodecillion
1Z = 1,000D = One Tredecillion
Gold hacked.