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Cat Clicker MLG
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Cat Clicker MLG hacked

CHEAT INFO:Money, Gem hacked
In this game you have to click/hit the cat. At the beginning you have to click the cat to fill mew bar. When the mew bar is filled, you can enable MLG mode. In MLG mode the cat is going crazy and you earn coins and make cat more MLGed. You can buy more buildings to increase your income. When the MLGness bar is filled, the fully MLGed cat gives you some gems. Then you can go to the higher stages, where the cat is stronger. Also you can buy accesories for the cat. When you will reach enough stage/level and have enough buildings, you can rebirth. After rebirth you can spend your holy gems for increasing your income/xp income/cats for next stage e.t.c in the Montage Shop. After some rebirth you can ascend, to get more bonuses, but you will lose all your holy gems and reset your progress. This game is idle, and you can play it forever. That’s all about game. And the description may have some grammar mistakes, that’s because English is not my native language.

Use the Mouse to play.
Money, Gem hacked